Lemarchand's Configuration (myq13) wrote in sim_torture,
Lemarchand's Configuration

Well here we are.

Today was my first experience with Sim torture. In fact it was my first time playing The Sims at all. I started simple. I used the generic female roommates, and built them a tiny little house. Shortly after moving in they had made some garbage, I'm not really sure where it came from, it just kind of appeared. The garbage fairy maybe. Anyway apparently the blond is a bit of a neat freak. She was constantly trying to clean up the trash. I got tired of hearing her say "EWWWW" pick up the garbage, walk two steps (I said the place was tiny), drop it, and start over. So I started a fire in the fire place and tried to get her to toss the trash in. Instead, the garbage caught fire in the center of the room. Then it spread to the pantry, and the chair. That was the end of their furniture. Soon the whole floor was on fire. Sims scream a lot when they're engulfed in flames, and it takes a while for them to be cremated. Death showed up, but couldn't get in, becuase I took the door away from the Sims shortly after they both got in the death trap.

I'm sure as soon as I get more comfortable (and maybe read the directions) I'll be posting even more evil things to do to innocent people that don't exist.
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