Lemarchand's Configuration (myq13) wrote in sim_torture,
Lemarchand's Configuration

Emotional torture is fun too.

Last night I made a married couple, with opposite personalities. As usual they were in the one room shack, but I also gave them coffee. That made them have to use the bathroom much more frequently. I also decided to make them hate each other. Little by little due to the husbands constant teasing, scaring, insulting and slapping, the wife decided to leave, but it was quite hard for her since there was no door.

I also decided to wake up the husband every time he fell asleep.

And since this time I gave them food, and coffee, there was a LOT of garbage, so much so that it attracted flies.

As usual, lighting the fireplace was their undoing. I'll have to remember not to give them one next time so that the torture will last longer. It would've been funny if the guy drank so much coffee that he pissed the fire out, but I guess the programmers never planned on people like me.
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dont be so sure that the programmers didnt think of that, i used to work at a CG company and they think of some really twisted things to do to their characters, you just have to know the right moves in the right order etc.

Im sure the sims2 must have some 'indecent' moments like that.