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torture the sims 2

Ok i tried it with the broke family guessing they would get miserable quicker than some of the other families.

I removed doors so they couldnt leave the house, also so they couldnt get into the bathroom etc.

Well they peed themselves countless times and the baby just loved to play in the puddles of piss. I tried to take some snapshots but they didnt turn out.

They all got food poisoning...

The woman somehow got pregnant with no male callers and contact only with her son. Does this mean that theres incest in the sims2?

by the time the baby was born they were in a right mess. They had no fridge, no bin, no chairs at the dining table. most of the floor was covered in piss.

Then the social services woman came and even although there was no door, she still managed to access the family indoors. And she took the middle child first rather than the poor baby left in a pool of wee and having never been fed.

At the same time the social services woman came to take Satan, the baby, the eldest son died.

And you know what? That selfish bitch of a mother didnt even grieve him. I tried to get her to mourn his urn but she continually refused.

There was no clown this time, the woman just curled up and died and that was the end of that game.
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